Fine finishes
for luxury dreams

Luxury surfaces

Grasp the material, shape uniqueness, forge solutions. Metalbril has the hands of the craftsman, the wit of the alchemist and the heart of the artist. Every time, a different story to tell.

Fine finishes <br>for luxury dreams

The depth
flows to the surface

In 1979, Michele began his experience first in electroplating, then in metal cleaning, painting and carpentry. Over the years he has surrounded himself with people with transversal skills, who share attention to details and passion for uniqueness. Today, Metalbril is an innovative and ambitious company, linked to its origins of local and artisan manufacturing but projected into an already-present future, the one of asserting itself in the luxury industrial finishes district, in Italy as worldwide.


Glossy, matt, satin, galvanized, burnished, painted: these are just some of the adjectives used to describe our fine finishes.